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App Battery Pack
Use Android phones, install APP programs, control your batteries, electric cars, enjoy convenience !

Support APP setup parameters

only For Android Phone system

Percentage Capacity Show

Built in GPS , Bluetooth Wireless transmission

Mobile phone App lock, open the battery or your ebike

Mobile phone App Close switch, open switch the battery Charger or Discharge

Max speed setup Alarm system to ensure driving safety

. voltage Show
. voltage range Show
. Nominal Capacity Show
. Remaining Capacity Show
. Percentage Capacity Show
. each Cell voltage Show
. Charging, discharge current Show
. Temperature Show
. Remainder Speed K/m Show
. Average Speed K/mh Show
. Total mileage Show
. The mileage Show
. Travel Time Show
. Balance Voltage setup
. Overvoltage Voltage setup
. Undervoltage Voltage setup
. Discharge Overcurrent setup


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