APP Battery Pack System

  • APP Battery Pack System - 副本
APP Battery Pack System - 副本

APP Battery Pack System - 副本

  • Type: LiFePO4 , Lithium ion
  • Rated voltage: 12V ~ 96V
  • Rated capacity: 10AH ~ 500AH
  • Fit: Electirc bicycle , EV Car , Golf car, solar energy, E - Scooter , energy storage
  • Product description: Built in GPS , Bluetooth Wireless transmission ! Mobile phone App lock, open the battery or your ebike ! Mobile phone App Close switch, open switch the battery Charger or Discharge ! Max speed setu

App Multi-function Lithium Battery System

Built in SMT BMS System

Wood Housing ,Bluetooth wireless transmission , GPS

APP Phone control function, App Lock, Open the, Battery or your Ebike !

Support APP setup parameters
. voltage Show
. voltage range Show
. Nominal Capacity Show
. Remaining Capacity Show
. Percentage Capacity Show
. each Cell voltage Show
. Charging, discharge current Show
. Temperature Show
. Remainder Speed K/m Show
. Average Speed K/mh Show
. Total mileage Show
. The mileage Show
. Travel Time Show

. Balance Voltage setup
. Overvoltage Voltage setup
. Undervoltage Voltage setup
. Discharge Overcurrent setup


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